Venus Freeze/Venus Legacy Treatment

In general, Venus treatments are performed to tighten skin anywhere on your body. The Venus Freeze is the name of the original device for the treatment and it utilizes radiofrequency energy to initiate a tightening of the skin by heating it and increasing collagen production. On the other spectrum, the Venus Legacy treatment adds pressure to the radiofrequency which permits the tissue to be pulled up into the machine some more. It not only warms up the skin of the patient, but also the underlying fat, which then will give you more tightening of the skin and reduction of fat.

As part of the normal aging process, over time the skin can become saggy and loose. When this happens, many opt for cosmetic surgery and more invasive procedures but with treatments such as the Venus treatments, this less invasive option is the LATEST and GREATEST in getting the results you want, without needing MAJOR surgery. Amongst the Venus treatments, even wrinkles can be diminished by revision of collagen bundles and new production of elastic fibers and supportive elements within the skin. One of the main objectives of the revolutionary Venus treatment is to restructure and tighten aged collagen positioned underneath the skin’s surface.

Venus Legacy is more beneficial in areas where the patient wants to get rid of body fat. However, there are certain areas, such as the face, where most patients do not want to get rid of fat. The face is an area where patients want to maintain volume. The Venus Freeze is a much more appropriate treatment choice over the Legacy for the face as well as for some patients that are very skinny and have redundant skin. The Legacy can be used on the face but patients who do not need to get rid of fat there should use the Freeze instead.