Skin tags are extremely common skin growth that affects 25% of all adults. They are not dangerous and are often found on the eyelids, face, armpits, chest and under you breasts. Let’s face it, skin tags on the body which are those fleshy little bumps that protrude and get caught onto clothing and jewelry are not the most attractive yet there is a very simple procedure that can be done to remove those skin tags. Most of the time, they are benign skin lesions made up of skin tissue and fat- and quite often they are genetically inherited. But have no fear, as the removal of these unwanted pieces of skin are quick, painless and effective in removing them completely! We start off by numbing the area, and then shortly right after we snip it off with sterile scissors that takes a few seconds to do. This procedure is one that we do quite often and you can be rest assured, our dermatologists will make this a quick and easy process for all our patients!