PDO Threads New Jersey or also known as Nova Threads is your answer to instant skin lifting and instant skin tightening and we here at Quality Healthcare and Wellness Center will provide you the lift you want, without the surgery that you no longer need!

PDO Threads New Jersey are absorbable sutures composed of polydioxanone and considered one of the safest materials that can be injected into your body. These threads create a lift to tighten your skin and your body reacts to these threads by creating collagen which maintains the improvement in your skin. On the average, Nova Threads last around a year and few touch-ups may be necessary depending on your skin. It takes about 4-6 months for your body to fully absorb the sutures, while your skin is repairing itself around it. This “controlled healing” is happening underneath your skin.

Like many new skin treatments in New Jersey and on the market today, such as laser face treatment New Jersey, PDO Threads is another substitute for cosmetic surgery and more and more women, as well as men are looking into these less invasive procedures to give them that lift and tightening that will make them happier within their skin.