Achieve Your Skincare Goals With PCA Chemical Peels

Chemical peels offer various benefits for the skin. The treatment option caters successfully to most skin types and concerns, and can be instrumental in improving tone, texture, breakouts and dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Still many people are hesitant about this treatment option as they don’t want to be left with a bright red face that hurts. You should not stop yourself from leveraging the many benefits of a peel due to something as trivial as a red face after treatment that is transient.

PCA skin peels offer a range of benefits including treating acne, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging resulting in a healthy, glowing complexion. PCA chemical peels in New Jersey caters to most skin concerns and equally effective for every skin type- even those with sensitive skin. PCA skin treatments gently stimulate, firm and tighten skin helping to reduce deep surface lines, smooth rough skin texture, treat skin discoloration, and help clear blemished skin without the downtime often associated with other conventional peels.

Quality Health Care And Wellness Center comprises top PCA certified professionals in New Jersey that will evaluate your skin to suggest you the best combination of PCA Skin professional treatment and daily care products to boost skin health for a more beautiful and clearer complexion.

Benefits of PCA Skin Peels:

  1. Treatment with no discomfort and minimal downtime
  2. Nourishes the skin for faster, more dramatic results for beautifully glowing skin
  3. Minimal visible exfoliation
  4. The benefits include increased collagen and elastin, lightens acne blemishes and prevents future break outs, evens out skin tone by lightening unwanted pigment, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, brightens and smoothes rough skin.

You need to follow some instructions for pre- and post-care, which will significantly reduce any sensitization or adverse reactions to a chemical peel you might experience depending upon the health of your skin. Though a thorough evaluation of your skin will be carried out and you might have to undergo a few facial treatments to prepare your skin to put up with the highly active peel ingredients.

The popularity and the range of benefits that PCA (Physicians Care Alliance) skin peels are able to offer can be attributed to the fact that the peel was the first to adopt a Jessner’s peel—a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid, and an antiseptic exfoliant called resorcinol that removes dead skin cells and addresses acne and skin discoloration—and boost it with other ingredients. This results in safer application, a more comfortable treatment and tons of benefits for the skin.

Why Choose Quality Health Care And Wellness Center For PCA Chemical Peels:

  1. There is little to no downtime with PCA chemical peels. You can actually receive a peel during your lunch hour and return to work right away.
  2. See visible results in terms of your skin peeling in 2-3 days following the treatment.
  3. You’ll experience only light to medium exfoliation with PCA peels.
  4. Even people with excessive exposure to the sun can receive the peel.
  5. Undergo treatment in the hands of our board-certified PCA professionals who’ve years of experience in their field of work.
  6. The prices are unbeatable.
  7. Our customers vouch for this much sought after service.

For two days following a PCA skin peel, avoid applying ice or water to the treated areas, do not put your face into a hot shower spray, avoid bringing a hair dryer near your face (treated area), and stay away from taking part in activities that can cause excessive sweating. Following these post-care measures will stand you in good stead.

If you are struggling with acne, visible aging, discolorations, and other skin issues, let our PCA Certified Professionals attend to you. They are trained with years of experience to identify what will work best for you. We carry out an assessment of your skin, and accordingly tell how you can go about this treatment. Contact us at (732) 970-8700.