Belotero Treatment New Jersey Is Your Door To A Youthful Looking Skin

Just like Juvederm, Belotero is a cosmetic filler that can revive your youthful look by eliminating wrinkles and restoring facial contours. The only difference is that Belotero works on the deeper and severe lines and wrinkles of the face (unlike Juvederm). The procedure can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. Belotero treatment is a facial treatment New Jersey that mainly targets (dermatologists use it on) the face, including the cheeks, around the eyes, nose and mouth, and on the lips.

Wrinkles and fine lines are an inevitable part of aging. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to live with that. All of us deserve to look our best at all given times, deserve to put our best face ahead, regardless of one’s age. It is very much possible to retain your youthful look with all the new age treatment options available. Belotero is a series of dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid (HA) - a natural sugar found in skin- as their active ingredient. Plastic surgeons and skin specialists vouch for Belotero due to its ability to naturally reduce the appearance of lines and folds in facial skin, and is known to offer volume and contour enhancement to the lips.

Benefits of Belotero:

  1. Lifts brows
  2. Smooth forehead and flattens creases
  3. Lifts, contours & defines cheeks
  4. Enhances and defines lips
  5. Reduces appearance of neck bands & creases
  6. Smoothens marionette lines (facial wrinkles that occur as one gets older, can lead for the lower half of your face to sag) around mouth & skin

Remember a cosmetic procedure is as effective as the person performing it. This means to reap the best results out of a cosmetic procedure, the person (performing it on you) should be a specialist trained in treating with Belotero or any other procedure.

Why Choose Quality Health Care And Wellness Center For Belotero Balance?

BELOTERO BALANCE is a prescription injection that is FDA approved offering a smooth finishing touch to your skin by temporarily smoothing out and filling in moderate to- severe nasolabial folds.

  1. BELOTERO BALANCE delivers smooth, even results by reducing the appearance of the most stubborn (extremely deep) lines and wrinkles with little to zero downtime, and feels natural to the touch.
  2. See results right away with the results lasting up to 6 months or more.
  3. Undergo treatment in the hands of our board-certified physicians and physicians assistant.
  4. This treatment is safe for individuals 18 years and older who have a healthy immune system.
  5. Best products are used to produce the best results.
  6. The prices are unbeatable.
  7. Customers vouch for this service.

When it comes to choosing a filler treatment- BOTOX, JUVEDERM or BELOTERO- you must understand how each of them works. As we grow old, our skin starts losing elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid (HA), which is what leads to the development of etched-in lines and wrinkles. It is only after thoroughly evaluating your facial skin that the best treatment option will be suggested to you. Belotero allows for smooth correction by filling in lines and wrinkles while improving skin elasticity, thus further boosting its youthful effects.          

Discover the wonders of the Belotero treatment New Jersey by consulting with us here at Quality Healthcare Wellness Center in Old Bridge, NJ. Contact us at (732) 970-8700 to reap the benefits of this dermatological breakthrough.